Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thrifted Sweater

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the work week. Not only does it mean that my work is half way over until the weekend, but it is also half off day at the Salvation Army here in town. I go in for work clothes which need to be replaced at a scary pace, and also to find items that I have another purpose for. My coworker and shopping buddy thinks I am nuts! I wish I had a before picture of this as a sweater, but I don't. Oh well. This was an Old Navy sweater that had already been partially felted. Not very good for wearing, but it turned out awesome with this bag! It was so much fun throwing it in the washer, having been taught that wool NEVER goes in on the regular cycle. The pockets are made from one sleeve and also the neckline. Because it is felted, they don't fray. It could use some way to close it - a magnetic snap would be perfect, but it's a little late for that! I think I may make a tab closure for it, but as it is already in use, I'm not so sure it will happen. If you want instructions for it, let me know!

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