Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dilly Beans!

These are a favorite of ours. If I do no other canning, I do these. They are so great when I have a migraine because they have cayenne in them to dilate the blood vessels in the head or something! My brain isn't working very well today! :) They do have more color than shown in the pictures, however, they look pickled! I'm not sure if it's because they were processed a little longer than normal, or if it is a different type of green bean. We will see in a couple weeks when we test them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our garden is doing really well, except for our tomatoes. We are pretty sure they have the late blight that is going around. :( Our sugar snap peas were great, but not too many made it into the house. They are my snack while working outside! The zucchini is growing like gangbusters! We have had a ton of rain, so they are thriving. So far, we have been marinating them in a balsamic viniagrette, then grilling them with our meat as well as making stuffed zucchini. It is so yummy! I'm starting to freeze up meals, so we have them when the baby is here, because there are less than 5 month left. Time is flying.....speaking of time.....I think I'm giving up Fairyland and FarmTown on Facebook. Both are fun, but are sucking my time horribly!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry guys! It's been over a month since I have posted anything here. I think everyone who reads this knows that I'm pregnant. :) I just hit 14 weeks Wednesday and am starting to get more energy. Wednesday was spent cleaning and catching up on laundry. (Finally!)

Psyche was driving me nuts yesterday. Nate had gotten into the shower and I was working on stuff at the computer. Numnuts decided to get up on the desk in between me and my computer and make me breathe cat hair. I got tired of it, picked her up, took her to the bathroom and threatened to put her in the shower. She ran off, and I got in the shower too. When he finished, he got out to dry off, and in a minute was back in the shower, washing himself off all over again. The little brat had peed on the towel! I had to laugh! She really can be spiteful!

We went for a walk yesterday, I was having a medium energy day, but Nate had to get out, so we went for a hike on the Fingerlakes Trail, a section we haven't been on yet. It was really interesting. It has been really rainy lately, so there was a ton of different types of fungus. There was also a swamp type place where the trail went over tree roots to keep you out of the mud, and in there was the biggest slug I have ever seen!

Take care, everyone! I will be posting more here, but I have also started another blog, that will probably focus more on family and let this one be more for my crafty stuff. I have lots of craft projects now that the baby is coming! (And a new serger! Yay!) I also need to finish my weaving on my downstairs loom, I think I might be trading the loom for my piano, which I have missed since I have gotten married. It will also give us a little more room. The other blog is set to private, but if you would like to see it, leave a comment with your email, or email me at and I will add you!