Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ria's new hat

The cooler weather here has thrown me into a tailspin! I have warm weather clothes....and cold weather clothes for Ria, but not much for in between. I decided that I need a light hat to help Ria acclimate to the cooler temperatures. She has hair, but not enough to keep her little head warm when the temperatures drop! The pattern is the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap and can be found on this blog. My friend, Trina, has made several of these, so I tried it, and it was fairly easy! This fabric is Ria's absolute favorite. Mine too. When I went into labor, I took my favorite blanket to the hospital with me (ok, ok, I will admit I can't sleep without it). It is SOOOO soft! After she was born, Ria would just melt into it if we placed her on it - it was one thing that would calm her down. Mom found some fabric - Joanns calls it the ultra cuddle fabric and made her some blankets and a hat....the blankets are used every day but the hat is now too small! I can't believe how fast this baby is growing! We saw my Mom's cousin's baby (it is too late for me to figure out seconds and twice-removeds, I'm sorry) and he was SO tiny. My baby isn't so little anymore - and she stood on her own the other day and again today!! oops. sorry. back to the fabric... anyways, I found some white cuddle fabric and used it to make a couple of hats out of it. The edging on this one is from a tank top that was rather comfy, but was JUST the right color for her, so it was sacrificed. lol. The things I do for this child! HA! sorry. Back to the fabric....again!!! The great thing about this is that you can't see the stitching!!! What a relief, because the first time I try a project, there is always some wonky stitching! Here is a picture of it being modeled. Focus on the HAT, Jen! The pattern calls for a knit fabric, and since this one doesn't stretch, I made it in the largest size. I have to keep messing with it to make it cover both ears, so I will make it extend farther on each size if I make it again, otherwise, with the stretch of the knit, it should be a great size for awhile.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Too long!

Ok, so once again it has been forever and this post is coming because my dear friend Shell is losing faith in my blogging abilities. Ha! Well, it has been too long since I have posted and this little dress is also too long....but too narrow! It is a fight to get it over her head and since she is crawling at the moment, a long skirt isn't helping her make progress. So there are a few modifications that need to be made to it, however, I love it and it would be great for the winter with a pair of leggings...or some wool pants made from a refashioned sweater. The pattern is from McCall's. Overall it was very easy other than the neckline, which is an overlapping neckline like most onesies. I serged it but still tried to fold it over 5/8" like the pattern called for - it was impossible around the curves, so I ended up serging it again and cutting 1/4" off and it turned nicely. :) Not my favorite knit, but I haven't done much work with knits and this was nice to start out with. This was made in the large size, so my next project will be pattern adjusting! :)