Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hi again! Once again, a lot has happened in the past 9 months! I'm looking forward to more baby sewing - we will be having a little one join us this summer! I haven't been sewing a ton because of the morning sickness...then my Viking died on me when I was sewing our Christmas pajamas at the last minute on Christmas Eve. Well, it didn't completely die, it just would have been a straight stitch only machine. I was very thankful for my simple backup machine! After saying goodbye to the Viking in the shop after learning she couldn't be fixed and raiding my extra feet from her, we went to the Bernina dealership where they had a 10 year old barely used machine that they thought would work well for me. She is wonderful! Very similar to my Viking, not too many extras that I would never use and will last a long time. She is solid! Her name is Cinderella, as she has a pretty blue dress. :) I will try to get a picture of her later. I tried her out the day after we brought her home and made a draft stopper for our front door. I love how it turned out! Nate has been asking for one for awhile and I decided to thank him for the new machine by making it. Pictures of that will come later as well. It's cute. Anyways, back to the purchase of Cinderelly - we expected to spend a lot more than we did, as we were considering new, so Nate made sure I got some extra feet, including a walking foot. He loves me. :)

Because I haven't been up sewing much, the sewing room became a dumping ground for clothes that aren't fitting - both mine and the toddler's, and warmer weather clothes for all of us, toys that aren't being played with at the moment and various other things. I cleaned off my sewing table yesterday and in the next few days I will tackle the rest of the room, as well as making a safe place for the toddler to play while I sew.

I realized while I was up there, that I have enough fabric/projects to keep me busy for YEARS! I made up my mind to see how much of it I can use up this year. We will see how it goes. The draft stopper was made from some felted wool sweaters I had. It felt great to use them, and the sleeves can be used to make soft baby pants for cloth diapering, as the wool won't wick out the moisture like cotton does.

Weaving has been on the back burner. I wove a baby wrap that I love - but I don't think I would weave more. We'll see. I have an order for a stole that I need to get going on as well. I'm trying to get my life a little more organized before that gets tackled - I have some dyeing to do before it can go on the loom. That's my update for now - hopefully pictures to come soon!