Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mary's Bag

I promised pictures of this bag over a month ago. Oops! Life has been busy with the Holidays, but very pleasant! Anyways, here are the finished pictures:

With it, I included a little wallet made from the same fabrics. I loved how it turned out!

She really likes it, but feedback that I've gotten makes me think she needs an organizer for inside of it. I've been told she keeps losing stuff in it - it may be more of a Mary Poppins type bag!

On another thought, I am going to be updating this more frequently. I am still getting used to Blogger's formatting, so bear with me please! Thanks!

1 comment:

Forsake, the Fool... said...

It is not the bag that needs an organizer, sweet Jenn! It is I. I am at odds with myself, my keys, my make-up, my books... the list goes on! I am so proud to have such a masterpiece! Coach, Louis Vitton, I proclaim, "Shut Up!"
Keep up the amazing work- oh, and make sure you charge more, you deserve it!