Friday, January 30, 2009

At an Impasse...

Well, this blog started out as a weaving blog and lately it has been anything but. Lately I've been decluttering and cleaning the downstairs, so the weaving has been put aside. Before Christmas, I started cleaning out the weaving room, decided I had too many things to do before Christmas, so the weaving room went on the back burner. I have a free day tomorrow, and really want to get back to sewing and weaving.
{singing} Three of these threads are not like the others!

On the loom downstairs, I have rayon chenille scarves - that are being quite difficult. I was almost finished with the first one, when I had three threads break. Not cool! I haven't been brave enough to face that monster since.

Upstairs, I have wonderful dishtowels that are absolutely lovely to weave.

The problem is that I can't find the loom. Everything that is there, belongs, it just needs to find a good spot. Yeah, right! So tomorrow, I am determined to wake up, gird up my loins and tackle these monsters. Onward Ho!

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