Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Stole Project

I had the wife of our local Methodist minister commission me in the fall to make her husband a liturgical stole. She loved the patterns and texture of my inkle bookmarks, so we worked from that idea. The color he needed most was for Ordinary Time - green. After discussing which greens he liked and didn't like, we decided that an emerald green would be best, with some other colors for interest. I couldn't find a green that I thought would work very well, so I decided to hand dye the yarn. (I will come up with any excuse to turn my kitchen into a dyeing station!) What fun! I have finally come up with a good (for me) system to do my dyeing, as my kitchen is a little small, and we rent, so permanent dye on the floor or walls is not a good thing! My husband laughs at my adult-style finger painting! I digress. I played with different greens within the emerald, then weaving them into bookmarks. Here are the resulting bookmarks:

When these were finished, I took them in to show her, and she decided on the last one. The finished result needed to be 5 inches wide, so with a little more tweaking on the colors, I came up with this:

I love it! I tried to make enough for two stoles, but I didn't dye enough yarn... So
- I now have about a yard of this 4.5" wide sturdy fabric, and am trying to figure out what to do with it. Any ideas?

Wow! I just found this looking through my posts! It never published!

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