Friday, February 20, 2009

More Stockings!

I was able to finish the apron yesterday, so I went back to my Christmas Stocking project today as the snow did arrive. I was able to complete the front and back of another stocking. I had a hard time with the back of the blue stocking, so I took a break on that one and changed my approach on the back of the second, and am really pleased with how it turned out. Two more stockings to go! I love the color schemes for all of them! Maybe they won't become! I am taking a break on them, I think and am making that baby dress tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I LOVE Vintage Patterns!

I was looking online the other night for a pattern for some overalls. I found them! I looked for current patterns in Joann's and only found one pair that I really didn't like the style of. I have some really neat corduroy fabric that I found on clearance, and I would really like to wear them before the end of winter! In addition to the pants, I love the dress as well!

The plan today is to finish the apron, then go back to the stockings. If the expected snowstorm doesn't arrive, I may be traveling to Utica to find a book for Nate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Necktie Stockings: Step 2

Sorry about the title - step 1 was done last year when I washed, opened and ironed the ties. Yesterday I had so much fun before I went to work sorting them into different colorways, that as soon as I got home, I went right to sewing.

It went together fairly well. I love my rotary cutter - so much so, that I will need a new mat soon. :) Anywhoo, this is what the front side looks like. The back is going to be crazy quilt-ish. The base is made from a king size flat sheet that I found at the thrift store.

Over 4 yards for $2. Not bad! It won't all be hidden in these stockings. Looking at it so much yesterday made me fall completely in love with it, and I want to make an apron and a baby dress from it too. Well actually, it distracted me, and the apron is almost done. :)

I am noticing a recurring theme with the cat feet - she has to be involved in everything!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Upcoming Projects

In cleaning out the weaving room, I was inspired once again! I found so many projects that made me smile - a tablecloth that my great-great-great grandmother crocheted that needs to be finished, a bunch of ties that I want to make Christmas stockings out of,

all my corduroy to make more bags, as well as a couple more wool sweaters that will meet the same fate. Inkle bookmarks on my Inkle loom - that remind my husband of playing cards, but I love the combination of red, black and white right now.

Two bolts of vintage fabric - one a pretty boring plaid, and the other, the most amazing upholstery weight stuff! Love, Love the colors in it!

Let's see, what else? Fabric - and lots of it for various projects - a couple of baby outfits, some great corduroy that I want to make overalls with - but need a pattern. (Anyone know of a good one?) Lots of yarn as well, for weaving, but lately I am in more of a sewing kick. There is a quilt for my husband too that is still in the planning stages, and can't wait for that to start. So much to do! Not enough time! It seems like the older I get, the faster time is flying by! I am enjoying it thoroughly, but I really wish it would slow down some!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Defeated Monster Down.....

I finally did it! It may have taken two weeks, but it's done. My weaving room has gone from this:

To this:

Now such an inviting place to work!

Here is one wall - I have found this shelving at Lowe's - I love it! I have fish tanks on it downstairs. The totes are a hodgepodge of different ones picked up through the years. Thankfully, they last a long time, so as they are needed, I can pick up more - but gasp! - I have 3 big empty ones left over! Now to get more stuff! Lol, not really. After seeing how many projects I have all the materials for, I promised Nate that I won't be getting anything else, until I decrease my stash.

Here is the other wall. Notice the mouldy gourds up top - they are drying for Christmas gifts - one of my favorite projects.

I love it now - everything has it's most logical place and is clearly labeled! Even Nate can go in and find something if he wants it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My new best friend...

I am still working on organizing my weaving room and this has been such a big help! Every tote is labeled, so I know exactly what is in it. The labels were easy to move to other totes as well if I was consolidating or deciding that the stuff needed a tote of their own.

There are cartridges for this that work for fabric - maybe when this is no longer used for organizing I can use it for creating labels for my handwoven and sewn goods!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Name is TiGGr- "T, I, double GUH, ERR"

I am Tigg. My sister is the obnoxious one, so she is the one that usually gets (demands) all the attention. I think I am a 50 lb, apricot colored, fluffy poodle, like my mother. My Uncle Shama is cruel and says I was adopted, but I think he is just joking.

I really like to watch Kitty T.V. It's interactive too! The big yellow fish comes out and plays with me. I like that a lot....I also really like my food. Other hobbies include sleeping on the clean laundry - I really like sleeping in the clothes dryer - when the clean clothes are still warm and my human leaves the door open. I scared her SO BAD last week! She went to pull the clothes out of the dryer and realized that there was a fuzzy body in there. She screamed and woke me up. She hasn't learned yet to let sleeping cats lie. I also like to sneak up on my mom and Uncle Shama when they are sleeping and smack them in the face...It really confuses them. Not very respectful, I know, but extremely entertaining.

Jen here - The video is pretty boring until about 1:35. I couldn't figure out how to shorten it!