Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabric Bags

I made these bags for my mom and grandmother for Christmas. I got the idea from Trina. The instructions are here. They were pretty easy to put together, and took about 2 yards of fabric each - one for the outside, and one for the inside. They are so sturdy!

I used an upholstery fabric for the bags, because I know me - I will run them into the ground! An other grandmother saw them (I am lucky enough to have 3 sets of grandparents!) and asked for a couple. So, all together, I made 14. I am done making bags for a while...ok, that may not be true - one can never have enough bags!

This black one is my favorite. Good thing I bought extra fabric when I got it! I think it is just BEGGING for a touch of red. When I am ready to make some more bags, that will be one of the first ones.

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