Friday, April 10, 2009

My Pretties

Spring is showing her face again! I have been pestering Nate for some pussy willow branches for a couple of weeks now, but we haven't seen any that were easily attainable. Wednesday, we went up to my parents and I was able to spy some that were starting to blossom on the side of the road. On our way home, Nate cut me some, and I bought a flower arrangement at P&C. They are now set in sand and river stones - I really love the look, but there is too much going on in it. It needs to be simplified. Any suggestions?

The yellows by the sink were what was left of the arrangement that I didn't use in the above one. I like it. So nice and cheery!

The gerber daisies are enjoying some much needed growing light. I repotted them into their pot now which is a big teacup. Oh the amount of caffiene that would go into a cup like that!

Some of my seeds are starting to come up - thanks for the kick in the pants, Shell! I have been meaning to since February - but haven't taken the step. So far the mesclun, buttercrunch and brussel sprouts are up!

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Chele said...

Good luck with the garden. Mine was in and I had great looking veggie plants and then we hit 33* overnight this week and it killed my garden. Everything was well covered but it wasn't enough.