Monday, April 20, 2009

Deerkeys and an Impromptu Photo Shoot

In our area, there is suspected to be a mythical creature known as a "deerkey". This animal changes shape from a deer into a turkey and back. If you are out hunting for turkeys, it will take its form as a deer, and vice versa. We went out for a hike yesterday scouting for turkeys. Because we were just scouting, and not hunting yet, we saw the creatures in both forms. Next week when Nate goes out, they will all be in the form of deer.

Last week, we went for another hike with the dogs. The sunset was so pretty on the walkway, I just had to take some pics of the poodles. I have so many of them looking in every single direction BUT the camera! At least I got this one. This past week has been so nice and sunny and warm! April showers are coming for the next week, which is OK - we put in grass seed and peas, and I would like to see them come up soon!


Chele said...

Interesting creature story. Loved the pic and the poodles.

Elena said...

Great photos! I believe that tale. :) I've been loving the weather also, so glad to be out and about.