Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had my parents and sister over for dinner as well as Nate's aunt and grandfather. What a fun day it was! I did a major clean for it - but now I have to create a schedule so I can maintain it. I've taken a day off on Flylady - but I will still shine my sink. It's probably something like "make your bed" which A.) didn't happen because I was the first one up working on the meal today and didn't get back to our room, and B.) because the poodles ended up staying the afternoon in the bedroom, and IF it was made to begin with, their tantrums would have made it otherwise. (And they throw REALLY good tantrums) As it is, there is torn paper and plastic all over the floor that I need to clean up. :)

Here are pictures of the cake I made for Easter. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese topping topped with these cute animals. I think the pigs were my favorite.

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Elena said...

I love this! A beaut!