Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flylady Day 2

"Get dressed to lace up shoes....shine your sink before you go to bed"

Said sink is shined for the second day in a row. They say that you need to do something consistently for 21 days before it becomes a habit...19 days to go!

I got dressed today (like always, aren't you glad?) but not to lace up shoes. Nope...not gonna happen. I have always been a barefoot kind of girl...would love to add pregnant to that, but will have to be patient on that count. Lace up shoes mean going outside and having fun - hiking, bike riding, playing tennis, going out to the barn to see the animals (a non-issue for wearing shoes - tetanus and worms are not my thing)...not for staying in the house. I always take my shoes off when inside. My feet just like being free! My grandfather said that he was raised to keep shoes on in the house. I was impudent and replied that he didn't train his daughter very well - I learned it from her. He laughed and said that it wasn't for lack of trying! This is the first time I have tried a mirror shot and will definitely have to work on my technique!

My darling husband was folding laundry tonight and found an infant jumpsuit I had found at one of our local thrift stores. It really is too cute.

Isn't it adorable? I am a sucker for smocking. Would love to add that to the thousand things I want to do. Maybe I'm jinxing myself, but I don't believe it. Anywhoo, Nate picked it up and asked if it wasn't a little too small. I pouted and said that he had mentioned that I'm his "little wife" (not true). He responded by saying that I was - he just thought the hips on the jumpsuit were a little big for me (again, not true, but definitely a boost of confidence :) ) I think Brad Paisley said it best when he said it isn't a lie - it's love :)

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