Monday, March 2, 2009

Will Be Back Soon.....

More posts are coming! We have been pretty busy lately, and our internet wasn't working yesterday. We have been working on refinishing the apartment next to us - it looks amazing now. I really wish we had taken before pictures. It ended up being almost too much to take on. When we said we would do it, Nate was working part time. Since then, his grandfather has gone in the hospital, resulting in him not being able to drive for the time being. I have been chauffering him around - being his "girlfriend". It's been fun, but we haven't been able to work on the house as much as we wanted to because Nate has also jumped to full time. Anyways, we ended up tearing up the disgusting carpet, painting all the walls, putting down wood laminate flooring (which by-the-way is tedious when working around an ornate staircase but a lot of fun) in the dining room and living room, making a pattern for the kitchen floor to cut out the vinyl and oops - going and getting more vinyl because the pattern was put right side up on vinyl that was wrong side up - giving us a perfect mirror image of the kitchen, but something that we couldn't use. The kitchen now looks so big and bright, where before it was small and dark. It's been fun practice for when we have a house of our own. It should all be cleaned up by Wednesday. Nate is putting down molding around the floors, while I am doing last minute touch ups.

I promised my sister in January that we could go ice skating, so we will be going on Wednesday. And Friday!!! Friday will be our Fourth Anniversary! I can't believe how fast it has gone by - and how fun! I swear, I am married to the most wonderful man ever!

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Chele said...

Can we at least see AFTER Pics as it's done. lol!