Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Bag

I had a slight mishap with the baby dress. The collar ended up getting clipped, and so I will need to put a new one on. It is very cute, I just haven't had the patience to finish it yet. :)

Today I got out of work early and decided to make this bag.

I used this sweater...

And this shirt.

I love how it came out!

This is my first bag that I have put in a zipper. I love it! For me, the more pockets, the merrier!

Psyche approves!


Forsake, the Fool... said...

Seriously, you are one talented vixen! I'm proud of you! Also, happy anniversary!

Chele said...

I agree! You come up with the neatest things using old stuff. That bag is cute!

Stephanie said...

Wow that is sooo cool and creative.I wouldn't even know where to start.I really like the bag.Soo cute.Are you putting it on you Etsy or is this one for you?