Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweater Refashion

Thursday, my coworker asked if I had gone over to Sally's after work. I hadn't, because we left town as soon as I was done to go ice skating with my sister. She said that they had a winter clearance sale and all sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and other winter items were only $1. I couldn't finish my work fast enough! I went over and found a bunch of stuff that I will post later. I figured that I had to do something with at least one of the items so Nate would know that I really planned on doing something with them, so I took a silk/wool sweater and made a dog sweater out of the body, and a cat sweater out of the sleeve.

It was over a half hour before the cat figured out she really could walk. As soon as I put it on her, she thought she was dying and collapsed. It was quite entertaining.....for me at least. She and her sister have done the same thing when we have put harnesses on them. They just go limp. Anyways....

The dog at least loved her sweater, which will come in handy soon, as she really needs to be clipped. Nate was too busy laughing at the cat to be concerned about the rest of the clothing. I also found some dress shirts that I really want to make tops/shirt dresses out of. Unfortunately/fortunately, I got the idea Thursday morning from CleverGirl, otherwise, I would never have picked up the shirts I did. I did find some nice ones for Nate, so he was happy!

Meanwhile, Tigg looked on wondering what on earth Psyche did to deserve that, not realizing the sleeve wouldn't have even fit over her head!

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Chele said...

LOL! Those are cute little pet outfits. I'd never be able to get one on my monsters including the cats. lol!