Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

I have noticed lately that my sewing and housecleaning are completely antagonistic. I tend to throw myself completely in what I am doing. When I am cleaning, all the sewing stuff is put neatly away. I take a piece of paper, write down what time I will start, and then go by 5 minute increments. I then figure what needs to be done, in the most efficient order, and how much time each task should [reasonably] take. I blast my music and the list keeps me on schedule so I don't get distracted...usually by the computer. This system only works if my dear hubby is away. :) Once the house is clean, I reward myself by getting out my sewing stuff again, and focusing on a project...and it all goes downhill from there. I sew for a few days, forgetting laundry, scraps all over the kitchen floor, and the table taken up by my sewing machine and cutting mat. A few days later and I am back to where I started. Today was a great session of cleaning - although it doesn't look like it at the moment. The house was clean, until I took EVERYTHING out of the car. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates in 3 years, even though you keep cleaning it out. (The car is clean though! :) )

Anyway, getting on track, as I am writing this I am realizing that while the sewing is not conducive for a clean house, the clean house helps my sewing, and both aid my sanity. After I clean, I refocus and go back to one project. IF I get some sewing done this week,it will be stockings again. However, Nate has been offered a temporary position about 4 hours away, with the posibility of we may be moving in a couple of weeks. "May", because while they have offered him the job, they are still waiting for funding. Fingers Crossed!

With the warmer weather comes the desparation to clip the poodles! It is such a funny phenomenon - their personalities change when they are clipped. When they are shaggy, they act like cuddly teddy bears, and when they are clipped, they know they are Hot Stuff, and prance around!

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Chele said...

Fingers crossed for you! Your furbabies look happy!