Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Defeated Monster Down.....

I finally did it! It may have taken two weeks, but it's done. My weaving room has gone from this:

To this:

Now such an inviting place to work!

Here is one wall - I have found this shelving at Lowe's - I love it! I have fish tanks on it downstairs. The totes are a hodgepodge of different ones picked up through the years. Thankfully, they last a long time, so as they are needed, I can pick up more - but gasp! - I have 3 big empty ones left over! Now to get more stuff! Lol, not really. After seeing how many projects I have all the materials for, I promised Nate that I won't be getting anything else, until I decrease my stash.

Here is the other wall. Notice the mouldy gourds up top - they are drying for Christmas gifts - one of my favorite projects.

I love it now - everything has it's most logical place and is clearly labeled! Even Nate can go in and find something if he wants it!

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Chele said...

I love before and after pics. You did a terrific job!