Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Baby Bonnet and a Conversation with Ria

Ria: Hi Mama! Watch me drink from my cup!

Mama: Hey Pumpkin, can you try this on for me, pretty please?
Ria: I detest hats! It needs to come OFF!!

Mama: No, Little One, just a couple minutes to make Aunt Shell happy!
Ria: I don't wanna!!
Mama: Can we go find a kitty??
Ria: Keeee! Keeee! Keeee!
(following pictures were taken after finding one of the kitties and petting her)

The pattern for this was McCalls 3063 (now 6221) which has christening gowns and rompers as well as bonnets. I used a shirt for this that I found at Salvation Army a few months ago and could have SWORN that I had taken a picture but can't find it on the computer! I still think I did, but am pretty sure it is on my old phone which I dropped on the stone steps of the library, oops, I mean just stopped working one day! (We did tell them the truth but the tech told me that never happened and replaced the phone.) Back to the shirt. It was a ladies extra small blouse with the lace for the front, and fine cotton for the back. can't remember what the sleeves were, I am thinking they were plain cotton as well. The main part of the bonnet was cut out of one side of the blouse, and then I hand picked a row of lace off with a row of plain cotton for the ruffle. It turned out really that it is finished the weather is getting colder and it is getting too small for her head....but will be adorable for her little sister (whenever that happens) or another dear baby girl.

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matt and shell said...

Thank you Baby girl! Aunt shell Loves you!